Aloha, and welcome to our web site! My name is Chris, I was born in Hilo on the island of Hawai’i but spent most of my life on O’ahu and Kaua’i. Hawai’i is a special place and has much to offer: beautiful beaches, cool refreshing mountains, lively music, friendly people, and ONO GRINDS (good, yummy food)! Especially the ONOLICIOUS (Delicious) food; in Hawai’i, we say, “Oh, brahda, dat Huli Huli Chicken stay broke da mout!” Translation: Sir, the bar-b-que chicken is absolutely delicious.

After moving to the mainland to attend college, I missed my island home. To ease my homesickness I cooked my favorite ono Hawaiian food. Later, I cooked my ono grinds for my friends during get-togethers and bar-b-ques. My favorite island chicken is Huli Huli (to turn over and over) Chicken. Needless to say, it soon became my friends’ favorite too.


After searching for a job with my new degree and searching my heart trying to reconcile my passion for cooking ono Hawaiian-style grinds with the corporate grind, I took my passion to the streets. I heard about this guy Damien (who is now a good friend and invaluable mentor), owner of Devine Pastabilities in San Diego. He started his business selling food at farmers markets; now he has a successful restaurant and catering business. After guidance and encouragement from Damien, I figured, “I make some pretty ono grinds, why not share my ono grinds with the world.“ So, I (and my helpful friends and family), began selling my onolicious Hawaiian-style grinds at farmers markets, and since the winter of 2009 we’ve grown into what we are now: a high-quality Hawaiian-style catering company.

About Chris

About our food

I believe Hawai'i has some of the best food in the world. I have fond memories of my youth, going to parties, weddings and bar-b-ques and grubbing on all the ono food: kalua pig, huli huli chicken, smoked fish, sashimi, lau lau… ONOLICIOUS! How can you not like those sweet and savory flavors? The juicy meats! The fresh tropical fruits and vegetables… and fish, don‘t forget the fish! My dad was a fisherman from a young age and provided us with fresh fish: Ono, Mahi Mahi, Ahi, Aku, to name a few. Yeah Dad, thanks for the memories.


This is what we bring to our patrons: fresh and tasty unprocessed, made-from-scratch food; made from the heart, too - you know: MADE WITH ALOHA from me to you. Aloha isn’t just a commercialized word of greeting that the greeters say to tourists as they debark their carrier; Aloha is a word of passion and essence, conveying fondness, compassion, caring and capturing a person’s mana (inner power, strength, integrity), in every utterance. Aloha is a special word and should not and is not given indiscriminately. My onolicious grinds are made with ALOHA for you.


It’s a great feeling when customers at the markets make the effort to come back to our booth just to tell us how tasty our food is, or when catering clients take the time to give us a phone call thanking us for the great meal. That makes us proud to being doing what we’re doing and motivates us to continue doing our very best. So, hele mai e ai (come and eat) Chris’ Onolicious Grinds with us and with Aloha!